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Achilleas Anastasopoulos
Achilleas AnastasopoulosAssociate ProfessorElectrical Engineering and Computer Science
(734) 615-4024 4411 EECS1301 Beal AvenueAnn Arbor, MI 48109-2122


Pre-prints and Selected Publications

Communications, Game theory and Mechanism design

Communication/Information theory and Control

Capacity-achieving codes for noisy channels

  • J.H. Bae and A. Anastasopoulos, “Capacity-Achieving Codes for Finite-State Markov Channels with Maximum-Likelihood Decoding,” IEEE JSAC 2009.
  • C-H. Hsu and A. Anastasopoulos, “Capacity-Achieving Codes for Noisy Channels with Bounded Graphical Complexity and Maximum Likelihood Decoding,” IEEE Trans. Information Theory, 2010.
  • C-H. Hsu and A. Anastasopoulos, “Capacity-Achieving LDPC Codes through Puncturing,” IEEE Trans. Information Theory, 2008.

Error-exponents for multi-user channels

Analysis and design of LDPC codes

  • K. Fu and A. Anastasopoulos “Stopping Set Enumerator Approximations for Finite-Length Protograph LDPC Codes,” ISIT, Jul. 2007.

Polynomial-complexity optimal receivers

  • I. Motedayen, A. Krishnamoorthy and A. Anastasopoulos, “Optimal Joint Detection/Estimation in Fading Channels with Polynomial Complexity,” IEEE Trans. Information Theory, vol. 53, no. 1, pp. 209 – 223, Jan. 2007.